January 22nd, 2008

Save atlantis

Voting Open 2007 Stargate Fan Awards

For any of you who are interested in watching great Stargate videos and giving your opinions of your favorite now is the time to vote.  HERE!! is where you want to go.

There are plenty of different categories to choose from and there is even fan art and fan websites to vote on.  Give it a look if you have the time.  Voting goes on till March 3rd so make sure you take a look.

In case any of you were wondering some of my videos have been nominated from various unknown people.  I was shocked when I found out but excited at the same time.

Over My Head - Carter/McKay
Broken - Vala/Daniel
The End of the World - Teams SG-1 and Atlantis
Far Away - McKay/Weir
Somebody Help Me - Team Atlantis
Wraith Wars - Atlantis Team