August 2nd, 2008


It's a great morning

Well, I woke up to a great morning.  I was just checking youtube and it turns out the BudongChowBC closed their account so I take that as a huge win for me. :)  I just don't understand what a person can gain by pretending to be someone else?!  Anyway, I'll be leaving for a week long vacation to San Diego tomorrow so no work for me which gives me great joy!!  And Breaking Dawn came out today so I was going to stop by Books A Million and pick it up so that I can  have something to read on the flight tomorrow.

The votes are being tallied for the Crossover Challenge on Kawoosh and as soon as the results are posted I will post a link.  I'm looking forward to the next challenge, my muse has left me in kind of a slump as far as vidding goes.  Lets hope it doesn't last too long.
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