September 5th, 2008

Operation: Get in Shape!!

Ok so I decided it was about time that I start to get in shape.  We have been eating out far to much and not getting nearly enough actual movement throughout the day.  Working in front of a computer all day will do that to you but thats not an excuse its just a reason to get motivated.... Which I am trying to be?!  Anyway, this quasi motivation came about when I came across some guys blog that said he walked The X-Files in 6 months, meaning he walked on his treadmil watching each episode of the series' 9 seasons and the first movie.  That's what gave me the idea to attempt it :)

I am what you might call a dvd series junky.  I own the entire series of The X-Files(9), Buffy(7), Angel(5), Gilmore Girls(7), Stargate SG-1(10), Stargate Atlanits(4 so far), and believe me when I say MANY more.  I admit I have a problem but thats not the issue at hand.  So, after reading that this guy was able to walk The X-Files I realized that I could do that.  That would give me an excuse to watch all my shows and get in shape.  The only thing I needed was a machine small enough to fit in the living room... Problem!!

I ruled out treadmil (way to big and expensive) so I set my focus on ellipticals.  They aren't as big as treadmils but I didn't really find one that I liked and I didn't want to take up all the floor space and I was about to give up on that when I came across the Inmotion e1000 elliptical which is great and soundless!!!

I figured I would keep you up to date on my progress, assuming that I keep with it but maybe this will give me more incentive.  So today was the first day I tried it and I was happy with my stamina, I had it on the lowest tension but I did lasted the entire length of the show and probably could have gone for another hour but I didn't want to over do it my first day.

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