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Stargate in Love - Music Video

Song Title: Accidentally in Love
Song Artist: Counting Crows
Series: SG1/SGA
Category: Humor/Romance/Team/Crossover
Pairing: Various (15 different couples)
length/size/format: :38/7.1Mb/mov
Links: Download here

This was part of a challenge on Kawoosh!  It's just a fun, cute, very short video I made focusing on the couples and/or not couples of both SG-1 and Atlantis. I wish I had more time because once I got into the video there were so many scenes, so many couples I wanted to add. Maybe I will expand this after the challenge is over :) Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!!  Let me know what you all think!!!

Disclaimer: I don't own any rights to Stargate or anything else for that matter.... purely for entertainment!
Tags: cam mitchell, carson beckett, daniel jackson, elizabeth weir, jack o'neill, jennifer keller, john sheppard, katie brown, kawoosh challenge, rodney mckay, ronon, sam carter, teal'c, teyla, vala
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