Jennie (budongchow) wrote,

Voting Open on Crossover Challenge

Wow, Its been a while since I've updated this.  And as soon as I get a chance I will post my newest video for the most recent challenge on Kawoosh!  But for now let me say that there were some good ones.  For this challenge everyone had to cross Stargate over with some other show or movie. 

I chose to cross over Stargate SG1 with One Tree Hill/Home of the Brave/Farscape/and a little bit of Buffy and Brothers and Sisters.  Now  I know what you are thinking, how can that possibly work?  Well, I used the song Just a Dream by Carrie Underwood and focused the video on Vala.  The video shows her past, when she was younger(this is where One Tree Hill comes into play) and shows a future she dreams of but will never have.  I was really proud with the way it turned out.

Anyway, to see this video and all the others in the challenge and for directions for voting please go HERE
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