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I'm on a witch hunt

Now that my problem is mostly resolved I am determined to help others resolve their problems... There are two particularly terrible people on youtube as Gatekeeperdude and Nightstrider25.  Gatekeeperdude stole at least two of the three videos posted on his page, one of them even has the credits of the person who created it, and the tags are for a completely different show (did this person even watch the video he uploaded?) They are the Savin' Me and the Smooth Criminal video. The other is Nightstrider25, at least 3 of the videos have been identified as belonging to someone else.  Is Nothing Sacred Anymore (which I think is rather ironic), I'm With You, and What Hurts the Most.  This person is more difficult as they disabled comments on their page. I would suggest for this person, should you choose to help, sending them messages, flagging their video as inappropriate, or sending messages to the people who comment on the videos. 

To get you in the mood to help take these people down, go here

Help get the word out!!!
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