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This is just a reminder to vote in the 2007 Stargate Fan Awards.  March 3rd is fast approaching and you need to have your votes in but then in order for them to count.  As I said before there are a ton of great videos to look at so if you have spare time and you're bored drop by and give it a look.  Though I suppose the only reason you'd be reading this is if you had spare time.... so there you have it click HERE and enjoy!!!

Update: CLOSED but as soon as the results are up I will post a link.

Seasons of War - Music Video

Song Title: Seasons of War
Song Artist: World of Warcraft
Series: SG1
Category: Angst/Action
Pairing: Vala/Daniel
length/size/format: 2:13/12.99Mb/mov
Links: Download here

I made this video for a challenge hosted on Kawoosh!  The video had to be made to a song from a game video or computer.  I chose to use a song from World of Warcraft.  The video is SG-1's struggles against the Ori from season 9 and season 10.   I'm not sure how much I actually like this one so I hope you all do.  I figured since I was halfway through I had better finish it.  If you would like my to link a higher quality just let me know.

Update: This video took 2nd in the challenge!!! You should see the rest of them if you haven't, there are some really good ones.  The link is above, and know that the challenge is open to everyone so if you want to participate, please do!!

Disclaimer:  I own the rights to nothing... :(
Save atlantis

Voting Open 2007 Stargate Fan Awards

For any of you who are interested in watching great Stargate videos and giving your opinions of your favorite now is the time to vote.  HERE!! is where you want to go.

There are plenty of different categories to choose from and there is even fan art and fan websites to vote on.  Give it a look if you have the time.  Voting goes on till March 3rd so make sure you take a look.

In case any of you were wondering some of my videos have been nominated from various unknown people.  I was shocked when I found out but excited at the same time.

Over My Head - Carter/McKay
Broken - Vala/Daniel
The End of the World - Teams SG-1 and Atlantis
Far Away - McKay/Weir
Somebody Help Me - Team Atlantis
Wraith Wars - Atlantis Team

Christmas Stargate Style - Music Video

Song Title: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Song Artist: Unknown
Series: SG1/Atlantis
Category: Fun
length/size/format: 2:28/14.4Mb/mov
Links: Download here
This video was made for a Christmas Challenge on Kawoosh!  Its a lighthearted video that focuses on both series and casts.  I hope you enjoy it and Happy Holidays to all!!!

Update: Voting open Closed for the Christmas Challenge.  There are some good videos so give this one a look.  Click Here!! I will post the link to the results once they are posted.

Update: My video took first!!!! To see the other winners go HERE!!

Disclaimer:  I don't own the rights to anything least of all Stargate

Voting Open

The voting is now open for the 2007 Stargate Music Video Awards.... I believe it runs until the 23rd of December so make sure you take a look.  There are some good videos in the competition.   I encourage people to look around, vote in as many categories as you can.  One of mine has been nominated for an award as well.  It's Far Away - McKay/Weir for Stargate Atlantis.  Just remember when you vote to choose the best one of the category.

Rain - Music Video

Song Title: Rain
Song Artist: Patty Griffin
Series: SG1/Farscape
Category: Angst
Pairing: Cam/Vala/Daniel
length/size/format: 4:30/26.48Mb/mov
Links: Download here and Streaming here

Description: This is a sad Cam/Vala/Daniel video I made so show a past relationship between Vala and Cam.  When Cam dies Daniel helps her deal with it.  I heard the song on a tv show one day and I thought it was just beautiful so I had to make this video.  I hope you all enjoy it.  I did have to use some scenes from Farscape to help me tell the story.

Disclaimer: I own the rights to nothing least of all Stargate or Farscape.

Somebody Help Atlantis - Music Video

Song Title: Somebody Help Me
Song Artist: Full Blown Rose
Series: SGA
Category: Team/Tribute/Angst
length/size/format: 3:14/18.97Mb/mov
Links: Download here and Streaming here

This is a team based video I made for Atlantis.  It kind of shows them in need of help so if you are looking for an uplifting team vid this one isn't for you.  Let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: Again, I own nothing... That is, nothing but this computer.

My Last Breath - Music Video

Song Title: My Last Breath
Song Artist: Evanescence
Series: SG1
Category: Angst
Pairing: Daniel/Vala
length/size/format: 3:58/23.20Mb/mov
Links: Download here and Streaming here

A Daniel/Vala a made a while ago using Windows Movie Maker.... I've since upgraded to a better program but I think this video came out all right.  I would like to know your opinion on it.

Disclaimer: I own the rights to nothing, least of all Stargate... This was purely for enjoyment.
John Teyla

You Found Me - Music Video

Song Title: You Found Me
Song Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Series: SGA
Category: Romance
Pairing: Sheppard/Teyla
length/size/format: 3:38/21.09Mb/mov
Links: Download here and Streaming here

Description: This is an upbeat cute video for Teyla and John.  I made this one using my MAC so it had to have been made within the last year.  Let me know what you think about it.

Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to Stargate or any of Kelly Clarkson's music.  This was made for fun!!

There For You - Music Video

Song Title: There For You
Song Artist: The Rembrants
Series: SGA
Category: Humor/Team
length/size/format: 3:01/17.6Mb/mov
Links: Download here and Streaming here

Description: A fun Stargate Atlantis video focusing on the funnier moments of the show through season 3.  Let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: I made this for fun, not profit.  I don't own the rights to Stargate.